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Standard or Glass Office Partitions?

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The difference between standard and glass office partitions might seem clear to some people. However, there’re several differences between these two options.

Glass partitions are not only meant to allow employees to see their colleagues, but they offer more benefits over standard partitions.

modern office design with glass walls

Here’re some of the key details about these two types of partitions that will help you in making an informed choice.

Glass Partitions

Using glass partitions comes with the following benefits:

  • Diversity

There’re many styles and designs that come with glass partitions. You can even get custom options to suit any office specifications in terms of style, shape, and size.

The best partition manufacturers can design partitions that will meet all your needs.

  • Aesthetics

Glass comes with a slick finishing that creates a professional appeal when used in partitioning an office space.

Some business owners install them just for their aesthetics with the aim of giving a great first impression to their clients.

Moreover, their aesthetics create a better working environment, thereby enhancing the mood of employees.

  • Low cost

Using partitions made of glass is a more affordable option than investing in permanent walls. It’s easy to demount and rearrange glass dividers.

Thus, you can always alter the office layout any time your needs change, especially with a growing workforce.

Rearranging traditional walls is almost impossible due to their permanent nature.

  • Visibility

Glass allows light to pass through, making it environmentally friendly and efficient. It maximizes on the available natural light such that it reduces overdependence on artificial lighting.

As a result, your energy bills will be reduced while still enhancing the green credentials of your business establishment.

Moreover, your employees will work without the glare of fluorescent bulbs, thereby making the office space more conducive for doing their duties efficiently.

  • Motivation

Employees who work in an area where they can communicate with their colleagues easily and with abundance of natural light boosts their motivation to work.

This improves their overall work rate and quality of work. When the office environment is harmonious, the employees feel happy, thereby becoming more productive.

  • Soundproof

The kind of glass partitions manufactured today have great soundproofing properties. Some work areas require more privacy than others, especially where confidentiality is a major necessity.

Moreover, privacy can be further enhanced by using frosted glass. Thus, confidential meetings can be conducted without compromising on privacy.

Standard Partitions

Using standard partitions in an office space comes with these benefits:

  • Enhancing teamwork

Most companies require teams to work closely when working towards common goals and when organizing a campaign or event.

Offices that have standard partitions allows employees to work more closely, making it possible to do teamwork more effectively.

  • Personal space

Traditional office layouts are typically closed plans. As such, each employee has their individual working space with all their equipment in place to enable them to work more effectively.

A closed office plan allows employees to work in peaceful and quiet personal spaces, making it easier for them to meet tight deadlines.

  • Design

The design of standard partitions makes it possible to customize them according to the preferences and requirements of a business.

As such, they can be customized to fit in any space regardless of how awkwardly shaped, small, or big it might be.

  • Affordable

Although these partitions don’t come with the long term financial benefits of glass-based partitions, they’re affordable to install.


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