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Why Office Partitions Are an Important Part of Interior Design

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Different offices are used for different purposes. Thus, the design used in any office should accommodate its particular specifications.

An office space has to be designed strategically to maximize on the available space in an effective manner. Partitioning an office space is a great solution for maximizing on the available space.

interior design of an office using glass partitions

Office partitions are easy to set up. They’re hassle-free to install and relocate. They’re more affordable than using permanent walls, yet they offer employees with a private working space as needed.

Partitions come in different types and sizes. They’re available for all kinds of office requirements and budget.

One of the most common partitions is the type that extends from the floor up to the ceiling. These partitions create a real room. Their height allows for maximum privacy.

They prevent disturbance from co-workers, making them ideal for creating private spaces for meeting halls and conference rooms.

These partitions are typically made of materials such as glass panels with aluminium and metal frames, glass, wooden laminate, and gypsum drywalls among others. It’s also possible to re-arrange them as needed.

Another great option is using glass partitions. They’re preferred by many office owners for they allow light into a room. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can cover the glass with screens.

For instance, using Venetian blinds is a great option for adding privacy when using glass partitions. The glass panes vary in height depending on your needs. They can be half-height or full height.

The interior space can be made more attractive by using frosted or transparent glass partitions.

Office partitions make it easier to create cubicle spaces or to divide a larger space into smaller spaces. The smaller spaces can be used as private workspaces.

The partitions can be made of lighter materials for enhanced flexibility in the space. In most partitions, the cubicles are typically enclosed fully on three sides. The fourth side is usually left for the entrance.

It’s possible to relocate partitions, especially those that have wheels. The wheels make it easier when making changes in the arrangement of the existing office space.

You can easily rearrange the space as needed. Their flexibility also makes it easy to break the monotony that comes with fixed office designs for they allow for variety in the interior design.

A great option for flexibility is the accordion wall partitions. These partitions can be folded inwards or outwards depending on the alignment you want.

There’re certain things you can do to add style to your interior office space while partitioning. For instance, you can give the partitions a richer look by finishing them with glass or plasterboards.

Another great option for adding style is using silicon glazing. Also, the doors on the partitions can be made of glass, timber, or aluminium framed glass. The partitions can also be decorated by carefully painting them with a color that matches the office interior. Wallpapers can also be added for decoration.

Non-flammable partition materials are more ideal for use nowadays. Offices constructed within factory premises require partitioning with tough materials. Soundproof walls would be great to partition such offices to reduce noise.

Some partitions are more demanding to install while others are costlier than others. Thus, the partition you choose should depend on the time you can spare and your budget. Moreover, the partitions you choose for your office should enhance the overall visual appeal in the space.


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