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Different Types of Office Partitions and their Benefits

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Most offices use partitions to divide the available space. Partitions offer privacy to the employees.

They’re also an easy and fast way of altering the workspace to fit future expansions or changing needs. Partitions are less expensive than dividing a space with permanent walls.

toughened glass partitions for office

You can actually buy modern partitions and have them installed quickly. They last long despite being movable.

Partitions used in dividing office spaces come in different types, including glass partitions and portable partitions.

Glass partitions allow more light into the space than all other partitions. Portable partitions are the easiest type to rearrange.


Different Types of Office Dividers Available:


Glass Partitions

These partitions are some of the most commonly used options. They’re made of glass with aluminum frames. Others are frameless. Glass partitions are either full or half-height.

They’re often covered with venetian blinds to add privacy in a workspace. These partitions also allow natural light into the space such that you’ll not require a lot of artificial lighting.

They also reduce noise. Their price depends on the type of framing, glass, and custom options.


Floor to Ceiling Partitions

Most offices use these dividers to divide a large space into smaller spaces. Although they’re known as full-height dividers, they don’t necessarily enclose employees fully.

They still allow for visibility around the workspace. They’re mostly made of metal. Their frame is usually covered with fabric. These partitions are easy to rearrange. You can move them to another location without facing any difficulties.



Cubicles are the most basic and common type of office partitions.  They’re sometimes known as half-height dividers, but they do offer employees some privacy.

Cubicles are convenient in the sense that it’s easy to alter the workspace configuration quite quickly by rearranging the walls. Their design includes four walls, with one of the walls having an opening for the door.

The space within a cubicle houses a computer space, filing system, and an appropriate work desk.


Accordion Walls

These office dividers are easy to move between various locations. As such, they’re a portable option.

They fully enclose the space being divided. You can rearrange them to make different setups by either folding out or closing in the panels.


Portable Office Dividers

These partitions are often built on rollers, making them the easiest option to move around.

They’re actually the most temporary solution for dividing an office space. However, they only offer minimal privacy. They’re also poor in noise reduction.


Benefits of Using Office Partitions

Partitions come with multiple benefits in any workspace. For instance, they add privacy at the workplace such that employees can work more comfortably.

They divide the space between workers such that each employee can have a personal space. Moreover, they’re easy to setup. They don’t create a lot of mess during and after the installation since they don’t require painting.

Office partitions come in different designs and privacy requirements such that you can always find an option to meet your specific requirements. Thus, make your choice wisely to save on your money and office space.


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