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How To Find Practical Office Partition Solutions

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When having an empty but large office space, you’ll find it quite challenging to visualize how to organize it and where to install some partitions.

Luckily, you can design and organize the partitions more easily by utilizing a logical plan when formulating an office layout plan.

practical glass partitioning solutions for an office

Step 1: Identify the departments

When planning how to partition your office, the first thing to do should be identifying the departments in your business.

Divide it into departments such as administration or management, finance, sales, design, human resource, or whichever departments you have.

Even the smallest business has different employees dealing with totally different things.

Thus, it will help to divide the office floor into different departments to make your business more organized.


Step 2: Spacing

Next, you should consider the amount of space that each department requires. The kind of spacing should not only depend on how many employees you have but also by the kind of resources required and the space each resource will need.

For instance, designers only require a small desk space as compared to other employees. Employees in the administration department, on the other hand, would need more filing space.

Considering such details will assist you in determining the kind of layout and spacing you’ll need when partitioning.


Step 3: Compromise on the space you have

Developing the most practical partition plan demands balancing between the amount of space that each department requires and the available floor space.

At times, you’ll have to make concessions to economize on the available space, especially when working with limited office space.

Compromising is part of planning as it helps to develop a partitioning layout that maximizes on the available space.

Partitions can also save you a lot of space by breaking up a larger area into smaller cubicles. As such, it will be easier for employees to work in separate zones.


Factors to Consider

Once you’ve made the plan for the final partition layout, you’ll need to consider certain factors before buying the partitions. Consider the appearance, height, and materials.

A workspace that has full-height and solid partitions may look dull and dark. You should consider the partition materials carefully.

Ensure the material can allow natural light into the office. You can mix different partition heights such as half-height and full-height screens.

Doing so will allow for privacy and natural light at the same time. Also, mark different departments to make the office look more dynamic.

It’s recommended to use glass partitions where possible. Glass partitions allow natural light to fill the space.

Since partitions are a major part of any office design, ensure you consider their appearance. The kind of partitions you buy should express the image of your company and blend with the existing décor.


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